Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Twins, Apple and Me

A lazy afternoon at home baby-sitting my twin one-and-a-half-year-old nephews, A and J. I introduced them to my new girl friend, Apple Macintosh. They got along amazingly well. The twins love her, big time!

Well, who wouldn’t? Apple is warm, funny, affable, friendly and approachable. She has these captivating charm and elegance, instantly drawing everyone and anyone to her. Apple is simply irresistible! She also has the flair of putting people around her at ease. Being around her is such a blast as she’ll just crack you up in no time. You just feel so comfortable around her. The four of us stayed home, goofed around and had a good laugh.

I just don’t know that she is so good with kids too!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Busy is Good

Last week was an unexpectedly busy week at work. Eat, drink, breathe, talk, drive, shit, pee, sneeze, yawn, sleep, dream, it was all about work, work and more work, never ending and forever more. How I wish I could be at a beach somewhere basking under the setting sun.

But hey, busy is good. Busy means you are alive and kicking and fighting and forging forward.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

My Dream Pad

I’ve been looking to buy a place for myself for sometime now. It was such a coincident I stumbled upon such gem last Saturday. A buddy and I had just finished lunch and we walked pass the sales office for a new condominium housing project. We went in to look at the model unit and ask around.

It’s a 1300 sq ft condominium unit just minutes from my office, easily accessible by train, good amenities, decent neighborhood, reputable developer, free hold land title and ready by the end of next year. Going at around 320k, it was bit pricey but all the boxes on my requirement list were checked one by one. I fell in love with the place immediately.

I found it: my dream pad! I was over the moon thrilled. Well bear in mind I was still looking at the model only. I started to do some rough calculation on the loan arrangement in my head. “ I can afford this!” Then I got so excited my thoughts drifted far far away thinking of how to decorate my pad, what furniture to buy, etc. I practically saw myself living it large there a year from now.

So I went to see the show unit t the site on yesterday. It was what I was wishing for. I love the floor plan, the layout, the balcony and the surrounding. I was so set to buying.

“It’s going at 340k now!” The sales agent told me.

“What the fuck!”

I’m back on house hunting mode now.