Friday, November 27, 2009


Baking, I enjoy, a lot. Cooking, not as much.

But lately, I'm cooking more and enjoying it even more. I've been buying loads of cookbooks. I've been reading them up and trying out new recipes over the weekend. Now I find myself flipping my meal pattern. Normally, I lunch out and just make a simple sandwich for dinner at home. Now I make sandwich for lunch and cook up a storm for dinner at home.

So much so that I actually entertain the idea of quitting my day job and running a catering business on my own, out of my tiny kitchen. I see myself crying my eyes out chopping onions, slicing my fingers peeling potatoes, burning my arms baking tartlets, aching my back from hunching over the kitchen counter making vol-au-vents.

That sounds like a lot of pains and sweats and tears. Maybe I'll stick to my day job for a little while longer. Just keep cooking as my latest hobby, and get ready to get fat.

Monday, November 16, 2009

It's What You Say, And Also How You Say It


My 4 year-old nephew, A said to me after stuffing a piece of plain pancake into his mouth. His eyes were squinted into a thin line and his lips were pressed together with the corners curling up a little satisfactory smile. He likes it plain, just plain. No berries, in the pancake or on the side, simply topped with a bit of whip cream and squirts of maple syrup.

I made him the pancake for breakfast. What he said and how he said it made me over the moon happy. How could I not spoil this little monster?