Monday, January 28, 2008

Beautiful Mistake

This shot is sort of a mistake, taken during a recent hiking trip. I took out the camera from my bag and clicked away, without realising the condensation on the filter, which turned out to be adding a soft soothing touch to the photo, like the morning air. I like it anyway.

Friday, January 25, 2008


A local male singer was thrown into the dog house after pulling a Clark-Kent-ripping-off-his-dorky-shirt-revealing-his-Superman-spandex-suit stunt, except that he was not wearing the spandex but had the iconic Superman, S sign painted on his chest, at a live concert. Such act was considered morally degrading, implicating that the damages, on the young minds especially, was far reaching and almost irresvisible. He was barred from performing live in a local upcoming prestigeous music award show and performing for the matter, for God knows how long. Furthermore, the TV station that broadcasted the concert got their license for live telecast revoked for 3 months. The dude got spanked in the ass while the TV station got slapped on the hands too. Ouch!

Yet we still see the footballers stripping their jersey at the end of the game, baring their chest, exchanging the jersey with the opponent teams on TV, in live and delayed telecast. Oh they even hug sometimes. But that's ok, it's sport.

Yet we still see the old black and white movies by the nation great actor/performer, the late Tan Sri P Ramlee, showing him topless as well on TV, on a rather regular basis. But that's ok, it's art.


Monday, January 21, 2008

Hit And Run

The pouring rain and he howling wind had relented, as I drove along the quiet single-lane road flanked with giant old trees. It’s a quiet neighborhood and I love it. Who would think such a peaceful sanctuary surrounded by so many trees and greenery is literally just a stone throw from the city center? I so can see myself living here.

I was in fact driving to check out a double-storey house on sale in the area. As of now, I was totally head over heel with the surrounding already. I was a little excited about the whole thing, simply because I just could not believe to come across such a priced find. I found it on the newspaper, called up the agent to get the down low on the place and the next thing I found myself driving in the neighborhood searching for the place.

I was driving with grandma speed, simultaneously admiring the greeneries and searching for the street. I came across T-junction with a sign to turn into what I think it should be the street I was looking for. I slowed down the car to a stop, put on my right turning signal light and checked for on-coming traffic. All cleared, so I turn my wheel to turn right into the street.

What happened next was absolutely surreal.

I heard a piercing screeching sound. I felt the car being brushed aside. I saw I white car zoomed by and raced ahead.

I was in such awe I sort of froze for a second, then, I yelled on top of my lung,


The fucker hit-and-run-ed.

I stopped the car by the road and got out to check on the damage. My front driver’s side signal light was smashed. The bumper got chipped and dislocated, tangling. Then it dawned on me that the fucker could have crashed into me, if I was turning a split second faster or he was flooring it. I’d be so banged up, and very much so possibly dead.

I guessed someone was watching over me from above. Perhaps He or She is hinting me not to buy in this neighborhood.

I’m so not buying in this place now.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Naughty Naughty

There are 2 things that I learnt from the whole recently exposed sex scandal of a former cabinet minister. First is that all politicians are corrupted, one way or another. (Yeah, I know, I can be hopelessly and painfully naïve some times.)

The second thing that I learnt is that oral sex is illegal in Malaysia! Anyone who indulges in such acts, which deemed as “carnal intercourse against the order of nature” can be charged under Section 377A and 377B of the Penal Code. Imagine the fear and terror that grip my very core! My heart just sank with a huge thump reading it on the newspapers. OK, I shall say no more for I would be implicated.

Now here’s the shocker: if proven guilty, any person who engages in a sexual relations with another person involving the intruduction of the penis into the anus or mouth, can be jailed up to 20 years and is also liable for whipping.

Holy shit! Is this for real?

At that point, I just couldn’t help myself busting out laughing! What do you know, you might get more than a head job. You get time in the slammer and your ass spanked big time because you’ve been very very naughty.

For two consenting people having a little deep throat fun, what exactly is the crime? What the heck is the harm so severe that it warrants such equally severe punishment? And how exactly is the law going to be enforced and policed?

It’s beyond ridiculous. I don’t think there’s even a word to describe this absurdity and stupidity.

I still can’t stop myself from laughing.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Where are the Recycling Depots?

The recycling depot at the mall I do my weekly grocery run was removed. I went online and got a list of the nearby places to drop my recycled stuff. in the blazing heat I set out with a trunk load of milk cartons and plastic bottles and tin cans serching for those places on my list. The air-cond was on full blast as I drove around for a good 30 to 45 minutes, stopped by and asked around, but no one seemed to know those places are located.

I finally found a place, which was just a stone throw from where I live, even closer than the mall. Great, at least all the time and effort spent serching did not go down the drain for nothing.

But then again, with all the single occupancy driving around justnow, the fuel that I burnt, the green house gases that the car spewed out, the damage to the environment would probably far more severe, than that of my recycling could make up for.

I caused more harm to the Earth in my effort to save the Earth. Totally backfired.

How ironic is that?

I should start taking the train to work.

Oh, you too!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Movie Marathon Saturday Night

Saturday night. First weekend of 2008. Home alone. Quiet.

I just got loads of DVDs from friends, ranging from Hollywood blockbusters to arthouse indies to subtitle flicks. So I thought I give them a go. Saturday night movie marathon!

I put on Sideways. It's a story about 2 middle-aged guys, Jack and Miles, going on a trip to California's wine country before the Jack's wedding. I learnt a bit more about wine, Pinot especially. I felt a bit like Miles, the failing wirter who teaches high school English. Not that I'm a failure, well I hope not, it's just that I haven't achieve much, career-wise, relationship-wise, and well, life-wise. I'm kind of floating around and going nowhere. I'm just frustrated at myself sometimes. I was drinking Chardonnay during the flick, probably it was the wine doing the thinking for me.

It was a bit depressing after Sideways so I took a break movies and turned on the tube. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip was on. It is a drama-comedy, taking place behind the scenes of a fictional live sketch comedy show. It is filled with brilliant and funny lines. I love the character Jordan McDeere, a newly hired president of the fictional network, played by Amanda Peet. She's determined, confident, sexy and full of spunk. Confidence in a woman is sooooooooo sexy. So hot!

Feeling better I then watched The Guardian. Well, it's pretty much the run of the mill Hollywood flick about the US Coast Guard rescue swimmers. Not much brain power required for this somewhat pseudo-dick movie. The story was a little everywhere and slow paced for me. I was kinda' sleepy watching it, I actually made myself a cup of coffee.

The last one sure put me into sleeping mode. I hit the sack straight after. I think it was 3 in the morning.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Back to Work in 2008

What is dreadful about going back to work when the new year holiday is over? It is not the back to work part. It is the stuck in the jam while getting into the office that's killing me. Well everyone is going back to work, kids are starting school again. The road is the most horrible place to be in the morning.

Then there's the cracking my head trying to recall my password to log on to the network. When I finally remember the password to log on (after a gazillion tries and hopefully without crying to the IT folks for help), I find my mail box exploded. Therefore the whole morning, if not the whole day, is spent on clearing emails only.

Man, and I haven't even get to the actual work that stack up over the holiday yet! Well I'll get to that tomorrow. By the way, how does the work get piled up over the holiday when everyone is away on holiday? Hmmm...

Happy new year, eh?

Holiday's over.