Thursday, January 03, 2008

Back to Work in 2008

What is dreadful about going back to work when the new year holiday is over? It is not the back to work part. It is the stuck in the jam while getting into the office that's killing me. Well everyone is going back to work, kids are starting school again. The road is the most horrible place to be in the morning.

Then there's the cracking my head trying to recall my password to log on to the network. When I finally remember the password to log on (after a gazillion tries and hopefully without crying to the IT folks for help), I find my mail box exploded. Therefore the whole morning, if not the whole day, is spent on clearing emails only.

Man, and I haven't even get to the actual work that stack up over the holiday yet! Well I'll get to that tomorrow. By the way, how does the work get piled up over the holiday when everyone is away on holiday? Hmmm...

Happy new year, eh?

Holiday's over.

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Celestial_star said...

hehe....... most of the people having the same things as yours.

Happy working~~~~