Friday, January 25, 2008


A local male singer was thrown into the dog house after pulling a Clark-Kent-ripping-off-his-dorky-shirt-revealing-his-Superman-spandex-suit stunt, except that he was not wearing the spandex but had the iconic Superman, S sign painted on his chest, at a live concert. Such act was considered morally degrading, implicating that the damages, on the young minds especially, was far reaching and almost irresvisible. He was barred from performing live in a local upcoming prestigeous music award show and performing for the matter, for God knows how long. Furthermore, the TV station that broadcasted the concert got their license for live telecast revoked for 3 months. The dude got spanked in the ass while the TV station got slapped on the hands too. Ouch!

Yet we still see the footballers stripping their jersey at the end of the game, baring their chest, exchanging the jersey with the opponent teams on TV, in live and delayed telecast. Oh they even hug sometimes. But that's ok, it's sport.

Yet we still see the old black and white movies by the nation great actor/performer, the late Tan Sri P Ramlee, showing him topless as well on TV, on a rather regular basis. But that's ok, it's art.


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