Friday, August 31, 2007

Pile Up Sandwich

Like Joey from Friends, I love sandwich. It’s such a healthy and balanced meal, if you do it properly. Sandwich is quick to build and almost zero cleaning up. Seriously, what more could you ask?

One of my favorites is what I call the chicken and fresh herbs pile up. Bake a couple of chicken strips with your choice of marinate and piling them up along with whatever fresh herbs you fancy, cheese and lettuce on 2 slices of whole wheat bread, lightly spread with mustard. This time, I got my chicken marinated pesto with garlic. Cilantro and sweet basil were my herbs of the day. Finally sprinkle some freshly ground black pepper atop the pile up, lunch is good to go.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

50 Funny Things Malaysians Say...

In commemorating the 50th Independence Day of Malaysia, I compiled 50 funny sayings in Malaysia. Feel free to add.

1. "Cincai" Whatever
2. "Kam ching" In good term with someone
3. "Gua caya sama lu" I trust you man! I believe in you.
4. "Tak aci" No fair!
5. "Machar" Brother in law in Tamil but use widely like buddy or pal, as if you are dating the sister of the pal.
6. "Oi Tambi!" Hey little brother (to an Indian)
7. "Giler babi" Literally crazy pig, to exaggerate a situation as insanely and crazy.
8. "Lah" Used in the end of a sentence for assertive purpose.
9. "Leh" Used in the end of a sentence for assertive purpose.
10. "Loh" Used in the end of a sentence in submission or agreement.
11. "Siot" Used in the end of a sentence for assertive purpose.
12. "Kepala hotak ko!" Literally your head and brain, used to scold others.
13. "Rilek lah Brother" Relax my friend, calm down.
14. "Char bo" Woman, girl friend or wife
15. "Pi... lah" Go away.
16. "Boleh blah" You can go (to hell).
17. "Jom" C'mon or let's go.
18. "Choop!" Used to stop a conversation
19. "Kepoh!" Busy body
20. "Ang moh" Western foreigners
21. "Boh liao" Done or do not have anymore.
22. "Machai" Literally little horse, means subordinates.
23. "Ipoh mali" Came from Ipoh.
24. "Lai" Come or come here.
25. "Mai lah" Come, let's go.
26. "Siao liao" Gone crazy.
27. "Alamak!" Oh shit!
28. "Boss, kera" Boss the bill please (at a mamak stall).
29. "Ho jiak" Tasty.
30. "Ape lu mau" What do you want?
31. "Kan jiong" Panic and anxious.
32. "Jiak lat" Exhausting.
33. "Ape macam?" How's it going?
34. "Anieh" Used to call an Indidan lady.
35. "Kasi" Give.
36. "Samseng" Gangster or baddies
37. "Aksyen" Arrogant
38. "Tai ko" Big brother, normally refer to head of a gang.
39. "Otai" Old timers.
40. "Gostan" Go a stern.
41. "Ah Kua" Tranvestites.
42. "Brapa luit" How much does it cost?
43. "Fu yoh" Use to express admiration.
44. "Wah lau eh" Use to express surprise and atonishment.
45. "Ai seh man" Use to express missing a chance.
46. "Sempoi" Simple.
47. "Mampus" Die or go to hell.
48. "Kow tim" Done deal or completed.
49. "Aiyoh..." Use to express surprise or pain.
50. 'Tak pau" Ordering food for take away.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Stale Breakfast

Sunday morning.

I got breakfast ready, cereal, coffee and a couple of slices of carrot cake I baked the night before. I had them all laid out on the table, then I sat down at the dining table, ate and read.

Suddenly I just sat up and turned to ask you how did you enjoy your breakfast. But it was an empty seat next to me. You were not there. You were thousands of miles away. How I wished you could be here and we could do this simple stuff like having breakfast together or simply talking?

The carrot cake tasted stale.

I miss you, terribly.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

As Time Goes By...

Saturday night, I sat across from the kitchen at the living room floor under the window, taking a long drag and blowing the smoke lazily. The oven heating element glowed in the dark, dimly lit up the kitchen, and then slowly faded into darkness again. There I sat, smoked and totally hypnotized by that cyclical glowing. I felt time ticked away, second by second.

Mmm... the aroma of the cinnimon...

I was baking a carrot cake.

Monday, August 20, 2007

My Right Thumb

One of the features making us human being unique and superior is our opposable thumb. It is the only digit on the human hand which can oppose or turn back against the other four fingers. With the evolution of this opposable thumb, it allows us to grip and grab and hold on to object better.

Being a typical human being, more so a typical guy, I always take things for granted. I never appreciate the everyday things which are so important and significant to me, like the opposable thumbs. I never give it a second look. Ever!

Until last weekend…

What happened was I banged my right thumb onto the metal frame of the coach while mopping the floor. Ouch! Holy fuck ouch! That was fucking painful, as if it was stabbed, repeatedly. Instantly the flesh underneath the thumb nail turned reddish black. I was howling and swearing to no end. The pain finally subsided after I stuck my thumb in to a cup of ice for a good 10 minutes.

However, the thumb is now tender even to the touch. I never know that buttoning my shirt and unzipping my fly can be such painful chores. Holding a pen and starting car ignition are no fun either. The slightest pressure applied to it will send a jolt of piercing spasm straight to my core. But the worst is, I can’t flick the lighter to light a fag, crush a beer can and unhook a bra!

How I miss my healthy and ever reliable opposable thumb now. Being a typical human being, more so a typical guy, I now learn through a painful lesson how incredible and wonderful the thumb is and I now realize what a dick I was all these while for neglecting my thumb. You only value the things you take for granted until you lose them, or almost lose them. Typical guys!

The moral of the story: love your opposable thumbs!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

For the Hungry Ghost Festival

Just a teaser, more to come...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Things To Do

Shave! It's not exactly Mr. Hairy Godzilla or caveman yet but it looks untidy and unkempt. Supposedly it should make me look older. Not really working, as I now look a little scruffy.

Bills! July's bills! Utilities bills, credit cards bills, phone bills and an additional whammy bill this month, properties tax. A combination of laziness and my Chinese genes kicking in turbo mode causing me to hold onto all my money to myself as long as possible. We Chinese fervently practice the 'till death do us part' portion, with our money, not our spouse.

Assignments! My level 1 sign class assignment. Assignments on deaf guest interview and environment observation report are done but need some touching ups. However assignment on Deaf event report (3 events!) still yet to begin. Due date: Saturday Aug 18, 2007. I'm so going to die!

Clear my table. Check out the sorry state of my table in the room. It seems like a Category 5 hurricane just made landfall, or a table top version of pig stile.

Mails. I haven't been picking up my mails for the past 2 weeks. It's just so out of the way. It's located on the ground floor of the condominium building but I live on the 11th floor and my car is parked on the 4th and I get into the elevator at the 3rd floor. I simply do not go that way. My mail box must be stuffed with loads junk mails and more bills!

It's official now: I'm among the biggest lazy pigs around. Oink! Oink!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Being Flexible

I was supposed to bake brownies on Saturday night, and had them as my Sunday morning treat. Brownies with coffee. Lovely!

But I lazed around and surfed the net on Saturday night, finally decided to do the baking after lunch tomorrow and had them for Sunday afternoon tea. Brownies with tea. Yummy!

But I went for a haircut, did laundry and lazed around again in the afternoon until dinner time. I would do it after dinner.

But after dinner I watched some tv and yes, I lazed around some more. Then I baked. It ended up becoming my Sunday night snack instead. Brownies with milk.


No, I'm just flexible with my time.