Wednesday, August 29, 2007

50 Funny Things Malaysians Say...

In commemorating the 50th Independence Day of Malaysia, I compiled 50 funny sayings in Malaysia. Feel free to add.

1. "Cincai" Whatever
2. "Kam ching" In good term with someone
3. "Gua caya sama lu" I trust you man! I believe in you.
4. "Tak aci" No fair!
5. "Machar" Brother in law in Tamil but use widely like buddy or pal, as if you are dating the sister of the pal.
6. "Oi Tambi!" Hey little brother (to an Indian)
7. "Giler babi" Literally crazy pig, to exaggerate a situation as insanely and crazy.
8. "Lah" Used in the end of a sentence for assertive purpose.
9. "Leh" Used in the end of a sentence for assertive purpose.
10. "Loh" Used in the end of a sentence in submission or agreement.
11. "Siot" Used in the end of a sentence for assertive purpose.
12. "Kepala hotak ko!" Literally your head and brain, used to scold others.
13. "Rilek lah Brother" Relax my friend, calm down.
14. "Char bo" Woman, girl friend or wife
15. "Pi... lah" Go away.
16. "Boleh blah" You can go (to hell).
17. "Jom" C'mon or let's go.
18. "Choop!" Used to stop a conversation
19. "Kepoh!" Busy body
20. "Ang moh" Western foreigners
21. "Boh liao" Done or do not have anymore.
22. "Machai" Literally little horse, means subordinates.
23. "Ipoh mali" Came from Ipoh.
24. "Lai" Come or come here.
25. "Mai lah" Come, let's go.
26. "Siao liao" Gone crazy.
27. "Alamak!" Oh shit!
28. "Boss, kera" Boss the bill please (at a mamak stall).
29. "Ho jiak" Tasty.
30. "Ape lu mau" What do you want?
31. "Kan jiong" Panic and anxious.
32. "Jiak lat" Exhausting.
33. "Ape macam?" How's it going?
34. "Anieh" Used to call an Indidan lady.
35. "Kasi" Give.
36. "Samseng" Gangster or baddies
37. "Aksyen" Arrogant
38. "Tai ko" Big brother, normally refer to head of a gang.
39. "Otai" Old timers.
40. "Gostan" Go a stern.
41. "Ah Kua" Tranvestites.
42. "Brapa luit" How much does it cost?
43. "Fu yoh" Use to express admiration.
44. "Wah lau eh" Use to express surprise and atonishment.
45. "Ai seh man" Use to express missing a chance.
46. "Sempoi" Simple.
47. "Mampus" Die or go to hell.
48. "Kow tim" Done deal or completed.
49. "Aiyoh..." Use to express surprise or pain.
50. 'Tak pau" Ordering food for take away.

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