Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Things To Do

Shave! It's not exactly Mr. Hairy Godzilla or caveman yet but it looks untidy and unkempt. Supposedly it should make me look older. Not really working, as I now look a little scruffy.

Bills! July's bills! Utilities bills, credit cards bills, phone bills and an additional whammy bill this month, properties tax. A combination of laziness and my Chinese genes kicking in turbo mode causing me to hold onto all my money to myself as long as possible. We Chinese fervently practice the 'till death do us part' portion, with our money, not our spouse.

Assignments! My level 1 sign class assignment. Assignments on deaf guest interview and environment observation report are done but need some touching ups. However assignment on Deaf event report (3 events!) still yet to begin. Due date: Saturday Aug 18, 2007. I'm so going to die!

Clear my table. Check out the sorry state of my table in the room. It seems like a Category 5 hurricane just made landfall, or a table top version of pig stile.

Mails. I haven't been picking up my mails for the past 2 weeks. It's just so out of the way. It's located on the ground floor of the condominium building but I live on the 11th floor and my car is parked on the 4th and I get into the elevator at the 3rd floor. I simply do not go that way. My mail box must be stuffed with loads junk mails and more bills!

It's official now: I'm among the biggest lazy pigs around. Oink! Oink!


Celestial_star said...

hehe, lazy pig, ganbate ganbate!!!!

Boonsky said...

Picked up my mails. And yes, more bills.

Cleaned my table. It's spotless now :)


Sign class assignment completed Tue night. Due date was postponed to Aug 25. Yahoo!

Just done paying bills, like 2 minutes ago.