Monday, August 20, 2007

My Right Thumb

One of the features making us human being unique and superior is our opposable thumb. It is the only digit on the human hand which can oppose or turn back against the other four fingers. With the evolution of this opposable thumb, it allows us to grip and grab and hold on to object better.

Being a typical human being, more so a typical guy, I always take things for granted. I never appreciate the everyday things which are so important and significant to me, like the opposable thumbs. I never give it a second look. Ever!

Until last weekend…

What happened was I banged my right thumb onto the metal frame of the coach while mopping the floor. Ouch! Holy fuck ouch! That was fucking painful, as if it was stabbed, repeatedly. Instantly the flesh underneath the thumb nail turned reddish black. I was howling and swearing to no end. The pain finally subsided after I stuck my thumb in to a cup of ice for a good 10 minutes.

However, the thumb is now tender even to the touch. I never know that buttoning my shirt and unzipping my fly can be such painful chores. Holding a pen and starting car ignition are no fun either. The slightest pressure applied to it will send a jolt of piercing spasm straight to my core. But the worst is, I can’t flick the lighter to light a fag, crush a beer can and unhook a bra!

How I miss my healthy and ever reliable opposable thumb now. Being a typical human being, more so a typical guy, I now learn through a painful lesson how incredible and wonderful the thumb is and I now realize what a dick I was all these while for neglecting my thumb. You only value the things you take for granted until you lose them, or almost lose them. Typical guys!

The moral of the story: love your opposable thumbs!

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TSS said...

Hey man, don't bash the guys too much. Women are pussies too (haha).

But seriously, you shouldn't think men are inferior. It gives you a bad mindset when it goes into meeting women. Remember, they want to be dominated.

Act like you deserve it at home, by yourself, and it will come out in public. I don't see why anyone should dominate either, but that's what they like.