Monday, January 21, 2008

Hit And Run

The pouring rain and he howling wind had relented, as I drove along the quiet single-lane road flanked with giant old trees. It’s a quiet neighborhood and I love it. Who would think such a peaceful sanctuary surrounded by so many trees and greenery is literally just a stone throw from the city center? I so can see myself living here.

I was in fact driving to check out a double-storey house on sale in the area. As of now, I was totally head over heel with the surrounding already. I was a little excited about the whole thing, simply because I just could not believe to come across such a priced find. I found it on the newspaper, called up the agent to get the down low on the place and the next thing I found myself driving in the neighborhood searching for the place.

I was driving with grandma speed, simultaneously admiring the greeneries and searching for the street. I came across T-junction with a sign to turn into what I think it should be the street I was looking for. I slowed down the car to a stop, put on my right turning signal light and checked for on-coming traffic. All cleared, so I turn my wheel to turn right into the street.

What happened next was absolutely surreal.

I heard a piercing screeching sound. I felt the car being brushed aside. I saw I white car zoomed by and raced ahead.

I was in such awe I sort of froze for a second, then, I yelled on top of my lung,


The fucker hit-and-run-ed.

I stopped the car by the road and got out to check on the damage. My front driver’s side signal light was smashed. The bumper got chipped and dislocated, tangling. Then it dawned on me that the fucker could have crashed into me, if I was turning a split second faster or he was flooring it. I’d be so banged up, and very much so possibly dead.

I guessed someone was watching over me from above. Perhaps He or She is hinting me not to buy in this neighborhood.

I’m so not buying in this place now.

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