Saturday, February 16, 2008

Chocolate Chip Cookies Logic

The chocolate chip cookies topped with M&Ms I baked for Chinese New Year were an instant hit with my twin nephews. Of course they were! My incredible baking prowess and the extra secret ingredient of love could surely win them over, along with the world's toughest critics. Well, it was probably the colorful M&Ms doing the trick!

After lunch, I set about baking another batch of those M&Ms chocolate chip cookies for them as I'd be seeing them for dinner in town. While baking, I was all happy and excited imagining their little faces brighten up with joy seeing the sweet treats of love from their Uncle Boon. This time around I threw in some almonds, green raisins and dried cranberries to make them extra tasty. Oh not forgetting the magic ingredient of M&Ms. "They are so going to love these!" I was thinking aloud.

At dinner I brought out the cookies in the most dramatic manner possible.

"Hey boys, I've got something very special for you. Ta da...."

But their mother, my sister was quick to jumped in.

"J is sick. He's coughing. He can't have any cookies. Put them away. Quick!"

What has eating a chocolate chip cookie got to do with coughing? Does it make the coughing worse? What kind of logic is that? Some kind of twisted parenting logic that was.

Such a killjoy!

But looking at them bursting into euphoria, though short lived, definitely put the biggest smile on my face.

"Listen to me boys, A, you stay strong and healthy eh. J, you get well ASAP. Then you two can enjoy the cookies. Those cookies stay good for a couple of weeks in the freezer. OK boys, now come give your Uncle Boon a hug."

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