Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Paris Surprise

We hurried into Centre Pompidou to shelter from the downpour. As we left, the sky turned grey and the rain resumed. The rain certainly dampened my excitement and enthusiasm to enjoy Paris city. It seemed that my day, my only day in the beautiful and vibrant city was going to be a wet and gloomy one.

But as my friend Parisian, V and I walked towards to his motorbike, we came across a quirky fountain next to Centre Pompidou. What caught my eyes were the brightly colored cartoonish sculptures in the fountain. Then to my surprise, the music came on and the sculptures came alive, moving about the fountain, swirling and dancing to the music while spraying water, like the far away fantasy land in the children's books. It was simply fun and cheerful. 

See, if you look close enough and carefully enough, you will surely find beauty in any place, under any circumstance.

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