Friday, April 10, 2009

Broga Hill In My Mind

The plan was simple really: wake up early, hike up to Broga Hill near Semenyih and shoot some amazing sunrise.



First hurdle, waking up early on any given was tough to begin with. Waking up early, by early I mean an ungodly hour of 5:45 am on a Sunday? That just made it like 6 million times tougher. Almost impossible that was. But if Moses could part the Red Sea, how could I bitch about getting up before sun up on a weekend? Anyway, long story short, out the door around 7:00 am.

Getting there was another underestimated challenge. OK, the official line was that it was the first trip there. So getting lost or taking the scenic route was built into the traveling time. Armed with the direction downloaded from Google, still ended up making U-turns on the highways and paying copious amount of toll. Anyway, long story short, a half an hour ride took one good solid hour.

Yay, finally there! It was already five past eight. The sky was clear and the sun was high and the mist lifted. But the light was still soft, I should be able to get some lovely shots of the morning rays. I was getting excited as I laced up my hiking boots and grabbed my camera and quickly hit the trail.

The hike started off through some palm oil plantation. Slowly the trail builds up a bit of slope through the secondary bush canopy at the foothill. Then it the tree line just stops and there is nothing on the slope of the hill except long tall weed willowing in the morning breeze.

I have the photo composed in my head. Splashing golden light on the field of green willowy weeds, with the dirt trail as a lead-in line. I reached into my waist pouch for my camera. Before I took the shot, there was a little voice at the back of my head telling me to check the memory card. Camera downed for a quick inspection.

Yup, the slot was empty. I had my DSLR weighing my neck down like a brick but no memory card. Long story short, picturesque landscape but no pictures.

Oh crap!

Oh well, what could I do? Just picked up the pace and headed up to the peak for the amazing view.

A friend once told me: “The best camera is your memory.”

Nice said.

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