Thursday, June 04, 2009


A few Sataurdays ago, I spent the morning watching Doubt. A simple story and engaging plot, san any computer generated effects or explosive action or fight scene. It was the brilliant ensemble of cast with their superb performances that captivated me throughout the flick. It's rare to see such talented group of actors sharing the screen with equally strong acting, as if feeding the energy from each other to push for the highest level of performance as an ensemble, not dominating or out-acting each other.

I love the scene when Father Flynn (Philip Seymour Hoffman) talked about gossip during his mass, after being confronted by Sister Aloysius (Meryl Streep), along with Sister James (AmyAdams) of his allegedly inappropriate conduct with a black student. It was cleverly presented, full of theatrics. He was acting out a confession between an Irish priest and lady. His voice changed effortlessly as he spoke, between the stern priest and the guilty lady and being a narrator. He was clearly keeping the congregation hooked, building the story up and then ending it ever so swiftly and powerfully, sending out the message ever so forcefully and loudly to the congregation and to Sister Aloysius and Sister James.

Then there was the scene of the conversation between Sister Aloysius and Mrs. Miller (Viola Davis), the troubled mother of the black student. At times, it was with such intensity and ferocity both woman talked, about Father Flynn and the kid. Then they would tone it down before exploded into a heated conversation again, trading shots of quick-fire lines, driving each other towards the point of breaking down. But they both stood firm on their stance, none backed down. The emotional tension, to me, was simply overbearing.

In the end, the conclusion was simple, yet thought provoking, leaving one to ponder upon the conflict of responsibility, morality and authority.

Good flick, don't miss it!

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