Sunday, July 19, 2009

Best Friends

Friends go hiking with you.

Good friends go hiking with you, and wait for you while you take a leak or take a pix.

Best friends? Best friends go hiking with you, stop and wait when you ask them to because you want to take pictures of the wild ginger flowers along the trail, and they rush you to get it done quick because it's hot and humid and they are sweaty and the mosquitoes are feasting on them, and when you tell them to shut up and fuck off, they tell you the fuck off too and suck their cocks, and then they remain there, continue to wait for you until you are done, then they carry on hiking with you, yakking and laughing away.


恩妮 said...

hi boonsky, need your help, can drop me an email? tks


And another friend when he or she said fuck off, and the friend just reply with a smile and continue being a friend.