Friday, February 18, 2011

Came and Gone

This Lunar new year was really a quiet one, just hanging out with family, friends, getting ang pows, eating loads and loads of festive treats and goodies. Other than that, it was like any other day holiday-ing at home. I slept in every morning, I went for my evening walk with my cousin, I drove around town aimlessly, I watched t.v. till the wee hours at night.

The Lunar new year came and gone, so swiftly. I did not even realize it.

Am I getting that old and turning indifferent?

I think I need to start a new year tradition, something joyous and noisy, family oriented, children friendly, friends welcomed, strangers allowed, smoke free, free flowing booze, food aplenty and preferably on a shoe-string budget.

I have a year to come up with one brilliant idea.

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