Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fleeting Views

Friends and family coming over to my place would definitely be amazed by the view from my balcony.  The green lung of the Gasing Hill Reserve at the front then the Petaling Jaya skyline and the city extends afar. One can look into the horizon, sweeping and unobstructed. The view is simply breathtaking, especially in the evening. Personally, I like sipping my first cup of coffee at my balcony in the morning looking out at the mist lifting off the Gasing Hill Reserve and listening to the birds singing away, buck naked.

Recently my sister, Y was asking how long will the view last. In the age when land is such a scarce commodity, who knows when the next high rise, be it condominium or office or mega-mall or parking lots would be erected? More importantly, how close to my balcony?

I noticed some land clearing work and construction at the far left, at the edge of the reserve. I think my days of enjoying my naked morning coffee at my balcony is numbered.

God damn!

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