Thursday, February 27, 2014

Take a Break

Take a break from cooping at home in the death of winter and head out skating on the frozen over lake for a bit of a sweat out and fresh air.

Take a break from the almost unsolvable trouble at hand and grab a beer or a cigarette or both to take the mind off the bind and shut it out for some momentarily indulgence.

Take a break from the all-nighter chasing deadline and catch some shut-eye.

Take a break from the craziness at office and off to a short getaway to recharge the lethargic body and soul.

Take a break from the hectic day and go call mom as you no longer when was the last time you called.

Take a break from work and go learn something new or go do something new for the fear of unknown is terrifying and exciting at the same time.

Take a break from a friendship and keep a bit of distance to give each other some space as the city is suffocating as it is.

Take a break from love and spend some time apart for the yearning for each other is growing ever so strong and intense. 

Take a break... 

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