Monday, April 21, 2014


We all know women are fickle creatures, but so are men too. OK maybe it's just me.

Something happened, or rather not happened over lunch today. I'm a bit conflicted over it, feeling bummed out. Here in Juba, I live in a compound with majority of non drinkers (Muslim) colleagues, and not even a handful of drinkers and pork lovers (non-Muslims, mostly Catholics). It's the Easter long weekend and a bunch of them Catholic colleagues were cooking up a storm and having a potluck lunch and drinking session outside. I wasn't invited.

Truth be told, they are not exactly the group that I want to hang out with. In fact if they would have invited me along, I'd be scratching my head making up excuses and trying to get out of it.

That said, it still hurts not being invited. To be excluded in such a small group, that hurts even more, like Jesus being condemned and crucified by his peers. I'm not trying to compare myself to Jesus, just saying how I feel.

In the end, no man is an island and we all yearn to be included. We all want to belong.

Happy Easter!

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