Monday, July 24, 2006


A friend came crashed at my place over the weekend after her 5-day course in town. “Make yourself at home.” I told her. Since I was out when she got in, I missed it when she was making herself at home unpacking. However, I did have the privilege to witness her packing when she left.

“Holy shit! There is a lot of stuff you brought for a 5-day affair.”

Just for fun we listed out what she brought. Let’s start with what all ladies love the most: shoes. She got 6 pairs of shoes with her. Firstly, a pair of black high heels, purely for formal affair. (Shoes counter: 1) Next, there is a pair of open-toe heels and pair of low heels pumps (since when pumps are things you put on your feet?), both is versatile in functionality and colors. They are the work-cum-play shoes. (Shoes counter: 3) She also brought a pair of trainers for gym (Shoes counter: 4), a pair of strappy flats for walking and lounging around. (Shoes counter: 5) Finally a pair of pretty girly sandals for going out. (Shoes counter: 6!!!!)

“No! Wait a minute; I bought the pretty girly going out sandals here. So technically I only brought 5 pairs of shoes.” She protested, proudly.

For clothes, it was just as complicated, for us guys at least. Attending classes during the day requires office attires of which must be stylish, sophisticated and look classy. For that she got 2 blazers, black and beige for easy color coordination (I thought black goes with everything), 3 work skirts, 1 work pants and 7 work shirts for mix and match. (Reminder: It was a 5-day course). Going out clubbing after class at night needs something skimpy, hip and sexy (no complaint here), so she brought 4 clubbing tops and 3 pairs of jeans. Traveling on flight and lounging around call for something light and comfortable. So she packed 3 t-shirts and 2 shorts. Working out needs the work out tees, sport bra and 2 pairs spandex/lycra pants. In addition, there are the necessities like bras, knickers, and panties, which the numbers cannot be disclosed to guys. Oh there were also 2 scarves, a denim jacket and a caftan for bed.

But I supposed that’s logical and fair, just as you need the proper tool for the job. What is not logical and beyond my comprehension was the number of items she brought!

Again I voiced my bewilderment with a “Wow!”

“At least I didn’t bring my denim skirt!” She shot back, again proudly.

I was speechless...

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fastidious``yenyen said...

Dear... No comment. Just one thing, personal perference [our over-used phrase]. I am proud to be a girl. Such an indulgement no man could ever understand :)