Sunday, March 25, 2007

Who's the Man!?

Everyday, I get home from work around nine at night. I normally make something light for supper and gorge it down in front of the TV. Then I sit in front of the tube until bedtime.

It was fair play at first, or so I thought. I keep TV company and TV keep me laughing and informed. But unknowingly, TV had been working on a wicked evil plot of world domination, numbing into stupidity one brain at a time. So TV was hypnotizing me all these while. And it got me. I’ve traded my will and soul for a couple of hours of laughter and drama every night. TV totally owns me now. It tells what to do and when to do it.

No, I have had enough of it. I’m sick of the rubbish TV is dishing out to me. I’m not taking any of this shit no more. Down I’m but definitely not out. I’m fighting back. The gauntlet is thrown and I’ve declared war with TV!

Sun Tzu said that in wars, when know yourself and know your enemy, you’ll win all your battles.

I pulled the plug on that little sucker. Let see who’s the man now.

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