Friday, April 06, 2007

Welcome to KL

“Time and tide wait for no man.”

How true! How scarily true! I’m indeed petrified at how time zoomed by so swiftly and quietly. I’ve been living in KL for a year! Cliché it might sound, I feel like I just moved here yesterday, still exploring the city.

The highly energized and fast-paced city life makes everyone looks like suffering from severe ADHD. Here in Rushinghood, city folks walk fast and talk even faster. The folks chase after the trains, squeeze into elevators and rush for meals. Slowing down is almost a cardinal sin.

Ironically, the chop-chop eddy flow is halted to a screech in Jam-ville. Jam-ville is a city without limit within the city itself. Everything moves in extra slow-mo mode. Jam-ville folks are not friendly folks. They use a special sign language, a lot, passionately.

Squanderton is like the cool lush green oasis amid the hot arid concrete and asphalts desert. Desires trump necessaries. Rationale and logic are not applicable here. Retail therapy is the way to attain the Zen in the hectic city life.

In the heat of the city, Boozeborough is another welcoming watering hole. Burning troubles are hosed down with a lethal concoction of spirits. But troubles remain troubles, and they always blowout uglily and violently in the end, normally the morning after.

Here I am, a year living and working in the city, still discovering the nooks and crannies of the city, still adjusting to the city life and still missing the tiny town life. You can get a man out of a tiny town, but you can never get the tiny town out of a man. I am a tiny-towner through and through. I grew up in one, studied in one and worked in one. I know the day would come where I’d be relocated to the big city but never crossed my mind that it’d be so soon.

Well, I'll live.

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