Saturday, April 21, 2007

Presto Pesto

After the morning swim, I was absolutely starved, famish in fact. I wanted something warm and quick and filling.

Quickly, handful of pasta was thrown into the boiling water. While pasta was boiling, I marinated the 2 strips chicken breast with pepper, oregano, brown sugar and pesto sauce and off they went into the pre-heated oven. While pasta was boiling and chicken was baking, I put a strip of bacon to be fried till crispy over medium heat. While pasta was boiling and chicken was baking and bacon was frying, I coarsely chopped two cloves of garlic and two shallots.

By the time I done with the chopping (and crying), the bacon was ready and promptly removed. I browned the garlic and shallot using the bacon fat, along with a teaspoon of pesto sauce and splash of cooking wine. By the time I done with the sauce, the pasta was ready and drained and back into the sauce for a quick toss. By the time I done dishing the pasta on the plate, the chicken was ready and out of the oven and piled onto the heap of pasta. Final touch, chopped and sprinkled the crispy bacon on top.

Voila, chow time!

Looking back, that was quite a feat of multi-tasking cooking.


恩妮 said...

wow...look so yummy.

i am always lazy to prepare for self...:p

Anonymous said...

I usually have salad with a little pasta for lunch, easy , quick and simple. Recently I had dinner at a nyonya and Thai food combo restaurant in Puchong. The waitress kept telling me the food won't be hot, but guess what, it was full of chillie melaka and it was super HOT. I was a little mad but I like the decor though :-)