Friday, April 27, 2007

Pop Up Surprises

The moment I laid eyes on that pop-up book on dinosaurs, I immediately thought of my twin nephews A and J. They would totally love it, and of course, tear it into pieces in no time. Well what the heck, their expressions would be worth every single cent of it. Besides I sure hope this would sow the seed of reading and appreciating books in them. I know they are merely two, but no harm done starting early. So I bought two, one on dinosaurs and the other on sharks.

Eagerly I brought the books over to them. They were playing with their Legos. Forcefully they were plucked away from that. We sat around the dining table in the kitchen. J sat on my laps, drooling endlessly while A stayed with his mom fidgeting restlessly. They were both trying hard to slide down and get back to their Legos.

“Patience boys. I’ve got some good stuff for ya’.”

“Ta daaaaaa…”

With that I flipped the cover, a T-rex popped out from the pages. Silence befell upon them. They were in awe and absolutely enchanted. A stopped his fidgeting instantly and more saliva drooled from J. I think I saw my sister drooling too! As the pages were turned, more dinosaurs literally jumped out: sauropods, raptors, stegosaurs, ceratopsians, etc. The boys’ eyes widened and brightened. Their mouths, they gaped even more. In addition to the impressive dinosaurs pop ups, there were pop-ups depicting volcano eruptions and jungles, with dinosaurs roaming around. The pop ups were beyond spectacular.

The second pop up book on sharks was just equally mind blowing and jaw dropping (more evidently). In this book various sharks and sea monsters swim or leap out of the waters, and pages. In one particular page, the head of a shark, with its sharp teeth leaps out, attacking us. That, I must say, scared the twins a bit. But they couldn’t get enough of it. Each page was tension-coiled with a wonderful surprise ready to spring out, well pop up. The pop-ups were actually that vivid, that detailed, that good!

Indeed the fascination on their little faces was priceless.

I took the books along when I left. I decided to keep them for the boys until they are 5 or older, as the books intended for.

Books shown by Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart.


ET said...

interesting..where did you get it from?

Boonsky said...

You'd be able to find them at the major bookstores in town. I got mine in KLCC. There are 3 books all together, one on dinosaurs, one on sharks and sea monsters, I'm waiting for the last one, on pre-historic mega beasts.