Friday, April 20, 2007

"Running is EVIL!"

The conference hall was freezing and the meeting seemed neverending. I went out to take a leak, and get some warmth.

From the 41st floor I got a breathtaking view of the KLCC Park under the glorious sun. I was so hoping that the day would end soon (Well, it was only like 10 am!) so I could go for my Friday run in the park, doing my 6k around the running track, aiming for a sub 30 minute time. I love Friday not just because weekend is around the corner, but more so I'm looking forward to the run in the park. Running outside, among the trees in a park, in the middle of the city, is liberating and fun. It reminds me of the childhood days when I got to play outside with my buddies.

I remember once when my swim coach asked me why was I doing my tumble turn kick of the wall with my left leg only. Upon knowing I got a hair line fracture at my right tibia from running, he practically shouted at me:" Boon, don't you know running is evil? Running is EVIL!" But I love running. Once getting pass the pain and sore at the shins and knees and calves and ankles and feet, I feel like I could run forever, like Forrest Gump.

Around 6pm, my running time, it was pouring by the buckets outside. No running in the park for me today. Damn! So I ended up logging my 6k on a treadmill in the gym, feeling like a hamster.

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