Sunday, July 15, 2007


One Wednesday afternoon back in early June.

Work was becoming so stressful and hectic. I was short handed at work while trying to pull off a 2-month job within 2 weeks. On top of that, there were these double whammies of ad hoc requirements and last minute changes flying in left, right and center. It was deeply frustrating, as we almost had to start over again every other day. Things did not seem to go anywhere! As the deadline came on down quickly, the level of stress and frustration shot up just as fast. Well, probably a hell lot faster.

I was about to lose it. I was about to explode.

Then came a text from a close friend. He informed us that his mother passed away peacefully battling cancer that morning.

That put things into perspective, didn't it?

Suddenly my so-called work problems became so minute, so insignificant, so nothing.

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Celestial_star said...

Life is always unpredictable. Keep it up, my friend! :)