Saturday, September 22, 2007

Gone Fishing

It's Saturday morning and I woke up at some ungodly hours, six in the morning, the sun was not even up yet! I got ready, by that I meant a quick shower, packing up my MacBook and grabbing breakfast, a banana. I then rushed out the door to pick up my sister, who was supposed to stay over last night, at the other side of town, then heading home, a 3 hour drive to the east of KL.

Oh did I mentioned that I slept at two in the morning? Tired and sleepy as I was, I was excited and thrilled, because I'm going home. I've got a week away from work, out of the city, with my folks (though this might back fire) and home cooked meals. I was totally psyched.

However, we reached home just to find the door was locked shut. Mom was on a weekend getaway trip and dad was at grandma's. It was scorching outside, too hot to do anything outdoor, not to mention I was too zonked to do anything anyway.

I slept. Zzz... Zzz... Zzz...

Well, I have a week ahead of me. I'm going to squeeze in some beach time and bush time. Take more pictures, write more, read more, get dad to exercise more.

Yahooooo... I'm on holiday!

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恩妮 said...

home sweet home!
wishing you a wonderful week