Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gone Hiking

Again, waking up at some ungodly hours, like half past 4 in the morning. A quick breakfast and drove in the dark, alone for half an hour. It was quite a scary thing driving past cemeteries, jungles and plantations. Yeah I know, call me chicken.

Reached Sg Lembing around 6 in the morning. Kitted up and hiked up this little hill, hoping for a magnificent sunrise. It just took half an hour to get to the top and it wasn’t a tough climb too. In fact it was easy.

It was still dark when I got to the top. The town was lit with streetlights, about to coming to life with the morning hustle and bustle. Dogs were barking away, then there were the occasional motorcycles going by. On the other side of the hill, insects and birds were chirping ever so loud and crisp.

I set up my camera and patiently waiting for the sunrise and the rolling clouds. The plan was to capture some vivid splash of colors on the sky or the misty dreamy clouds.

An hour ticked away…


These are what I got.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. Be one with nature is an ultimate priviledge. It cleanse our soul. A beautiful moment floating in the current of time.