Friday, December 14, 2007

All Things Piggy

I was taking pictures of the old shop houses and the street signs when I noticed this old corner shop. The place looked absolute dark and grimy, magnified by by blazing sun outside. But the dingy hole was abuzzed with energy: customers streaming in and out, wait staff serving and clearing tables and the cook cooking up a storm behind the stall at the front of the shop. I had not idea what it was but the fragrance was tantalizing.

My stomach was growling after wandering along the streets of Kuching so I went in for lunch. It was 3 pm but it still a full house inside. To me that was a good sign of good food ahead.

This was what I got (well the only thing they serve). Noodles with dash of black vinegar and served with a bowl of hot soup, filled with seaweed, chinese cabbage and anything and everything pork: minced pork, pig stomach, pig intestines, pig liver, pig kidney and whatever pig inside available.

Sounded disgusting but I cleaned up the bowl, well except the pig lever and pig kidney.

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