Monday, April 28, 2008

Paying Tomorrow

I hurt my left wrist beginning of the year. So i cut off all upper body workout for sometime after getting a mild steroid jab from the doctor and then seeing a physiotherapist. As I was getting better I got back into lifting irons and yoga back in March. However, I was so conscious about my left wrist I placed more weight onto my right one, ending up hurting it during a yoga session awhile back. Again I stopped everything and switch to swimming for my upper body workout.

Going back for the follow-up last week, the doc jabbed me again, both wrists this time and ordered me more physio sessions. My wrists are certainly getting better but I'm not risking them again. Back to more laps in the pool. But as I was about to hit the pool this evening, the sky opened up and kept pouring buckets. I hit the gym and did my hamster run instead.

So I ran and ran. I ran for 1 hour and 8 minutes. I ran about 11.3k.

I opened up and kept pouring buckets too.

As a result I was freaking dehydrated. To re-hydrate myself, I've been drinking a bowl of soup (for dinner), 2 glasses of OJ, a glass of milk and a glass of water.

I'm still freaking dehydrated and I'm freaking beat now.

I'm hitting the sack. I'm going to sleep like a log.

I'm so going to pay tomorrow.

Damn the rain!

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