Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thanks For The Reminder

Do you use reminder in your emails? Putting a to-do list or marking the calendar for some events so that a little pop-up window will spring up with ring or buzz reminding you of your pre-arranged engagement. I don't use them because I find them annoying. Think of being woken up for work by the irritating ring of an alarm clock while you are deep in the slumber in the peaceful dawn.

I got quite a few this week. The first was ok, almost a pleasant surprise and I brushed it off as a mere coincident. A friend sent me an email of a survey that the insurance companies use for estimating life expectancy of their potential clients. It was a simple questionnaire asking for family medical history, personal life style, exercise and dietary habits etc. Based on the input, in the end it'll come up with the number of years you'd enjoy (hopefully). Mine came up to be 75, which I think is pretty good. Almost 32 down, 43 more to go. Nothing like reminder of your mortality on a Monday morning.

Came midweek I got this inflamed spot below my lips near my chin. It was a little tender, I thought it was a razor burn and left it at that. But wait, I didn't shave in the past few days. I went into the gents to check it out on the mirror. A HUGE zit below my lips near the chin was starring blankly back at me. OK, it wasn't HUGE huge but surely noticeable. A colleague actually pointed that out during a meeting. "Look at the zit on Boonsky's face, still not done his adolescence. Almost hitting 32 and I had this zit on my face, perhaps reminding me of my fleeting youth. Well, what fleeting, it's gone!

Then another email came. This one titled "Daddy How Was I Born?" Do I really need a the-birds-and-the-bees lesson now? Well it was actually a joke about how a father, presumably a computer geek getting hooked up with another computer chick geek, explaining to his son on how he was conceived. The whole sex thing was laden with computer geekery innuendoes, funny haha.

OK I get it! My birthday is coming up. I'm getting old.

Thanks for the reminder.

No, reminders!

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sumwai said...

its part and parcel of life, accept the fact that you have passed another wonderful milestone in your life :) and celebrate life!