Saturday, November 08, 2008


My wallet was stolen at the gym locker room last Friday, primarily due to my own carelessness. (Read: Extreme stupidity!) I went in at lunch time for my yoga class. After changing, I slammed the locker door shut but forgot to yank the key along, leaving it dangling there for one good hour. There you had it, a free pass for any ruthless bastardy fucking opportunist. So, one did take the advantage.

Everything gone! Money, ID, driver’s license, credit cards, bank cards, medical card, donor card, and membership cards, all gone!

The only photo ID cards I have now are my gym membership card and my office security pass. Both are inadmissible and invalid to prove my identity in the eyes of law. I was without proper papers.

I’m now illegal, I'm an alien, for the weekend at least.


Anonymous said...

That super sucks! I think that could happen to me as i go up to the gym in Banff most days and have a lock with a key as well. Can't believe people can be so ruthless and mean!

Boonsky said...


Royal pain in the ass!!!