Thursday, November 06, 2008

Home Invasion

My place was invaded by strangers again. Well technically the place is not mine, it's belongs to my brother who's currently working in Vietnam with his wife. And technically the strangers were not exactly strangers, it was the sister of my sister-in-law, but we hardly knew each other. 

So I got the text from her in the morning after coming out from a meeting. She was asking if she could come over and set up camp for the day with some colleagues to work at my place since there was a black out at her office.

I replied her with a green light. And then it hit me again, such a deja vu. I was reminded when my sister R and her family moved in unannounced some months ago. I was scanning my place in my head again. Oh damn! My place was not exactly presentable at the moment, quite a mess in fact. And I knew it! It was too late, they must have let themselves in already. They (my brother and the wife) keep a set of spare keys with her.

Indeed. Moments after my reply she sent me another text asking for the password for my wireless internet connection at home. 

OH DAMN! I knew it.

Damage was done. There was no point crying over spilt milk anyway. As long as they just worked at the living room it would be alright. More importantly, as long as they didn't get into my room.

When I got home that night I could feel that people were there, things were definitely moved. 

And they got into my room!

They went in and grabbed the extension cord for the laptops probably. I was rather surprised that they went into my room without informing me. I know it was just the extension cord, and they even put it back. But they were trespassing into private property. It was my room, my guarded fort, my secret garden, my personal space. 

Seriously, I felt violated.

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