Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Good thing that the curtains cover the night sky outside completely.

Once I wrote that on a night when I was missing home. I was lonely and miserable. I was afraid to look at the night sky, as I was afraid to look at the moon, which would make me long for home even more. So I was thankful that the curtain was down, so that I couldn't look out.

This is the night of the Mid Autumn festival. The Chinese believe that it's the time that the moon appears to be the brightest and the roundest and therefore most beautiful in the year. We will reunite with family, friends, those we love, and those dear to us, celebrating the moment. For those far apart, we look at the moon on this auspicious night and we have those far away in our thoughts.

Though the curtain is drawn tonight, I do not look out onto the night sky for the moon. For I know the moon is there, and I'm thinking of someone dear to me afar.

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Anonymous said...

Beautifully written, Boon. Always enjoy your blogs when I get a chance to read them. Thanks for sharing :) Made my day...although the food ones make me hungry ;) Think of you when I am walking around Unwin Rd and UofC occassionally.