Friday, January 14, 2011

This Time Next Week

This time around next week, I'll be home! Yay! My very first R&R, 20 wonderful and lovely days off, relaxing and doing nothing await.

After 80 over mundane and monotonous days here in Khartoum, I'm really really really looking forward to go home. Well not so much for the exciting big city sights and sounds or comfort and luxury, rather it's more of getting away from the depressing brown ambience here, and heading home for the vibrant and invigorating green landscape, and more importantly the familiarity and ease of home and the people.

Oh wait, this time next week, I'll actually be at the wedding reception of one of my younger cousins, avoiding and deflecting the "Hey when are going getting married?" question and the 8 millions varieties of questions along that line, from grandma, mom, aunts, uncles, older and younger married cousins and other hardly known and unknown relatives.

Still, I'm looking forward for home.

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Anonymous said...

aha! so you'll be back then!!! cool. hehe...i didn't know those questions bother u. it's ok, i'll get them as well. Lu.