Saturday, January 28, 2012

Good Outlook

It was a quiet Chinese new year back home. Dad passed on last October, so we are not celebrating this year. Still we were all home for the holidays, being with the rest of the family and catching up with friends.

Aside from that I watched a lot of tv. There were loads of shows on tv with fortune tellers predicting the fortune for the various zodiac signs in the coming year. Apparently this year of Dragon is not going to be a hot year for those who are born in the year of Dragon. I'd be one of them lot. So, the dragon babies were advised to be patient, be watchful, lay low and ride it out for the coming year. No major move is to be made.

That was pretty much how I spent the days of the uneventful Lunar new year. But indeed it was a peculiarly quiet one.

Finally I figured out why. There were no remark like "Oh my God you are getting thinner!" or question such as "Hey when are you getting married?" from family and friends alike. Oh how I loved and enjoyed this quietness and serenity!

Well just from this, the year of Dragon seems to be shaping up to be a good one already!

Have a good year ahead people!

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