Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be My Valentine... This Weekend!

While the origin of the Valentine's Day celebration remains unclear or unsubstantiated, or some would prefer to say, mystically and magically romantic, it is nonetheless celebrated around the world, thanks to the great people in the marketing departments. This is one of the days in a year where capitalism and commercialism work at their best. The law of supply and demand never looked so real and tangible as the prices of roses shoot up so ridiculously high as a result of the surge in its demand, all in the name of love. 

As the celebration frenzy is reaching it's fever pitch, the Anti-Valentine's Day campaigners are gaining grounds too. Some, mostly Chinese, say,  it's just another money generating scheme for some business that it's meaningless. Religious quarters say it would promote social ills such as pre-marital sex among the youngsters. There are groups, most likely single and desperate and bitter, who think it's just obscenely stupid to celebrate love for just one day of the year as love should be cherished every single moment the year throughout. They are probably right, but, oh what a bunch of party pooppers!

The Chinese in me is agreeing with the money making scheme point of view, whole-heartedly. The sinner in me is screaming "Are you fucking kidding me?" to the religious folks. The new-age-sensitive-man in me is simply taking the day as a reminder to show my love and appreciation and admiration to those dear to me. 

So, the new-age-sensitive-Chinese-sinner in me would probably doing something special but simple and most importantly cheap, with someone or some people I treasure and adore a great deal during this post Valentine's Day weekend, say like baking a key lime pie, or talking on the phone with them (via Skype free internet call), or wishing for a rainy day. 

Happy V Day.

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