Friday, February 08, 2013

Green Zanzibar

There was something amiss as I wandering around Stonetown, Zanzibar. The streets weren't exactly clean but there wasn't a plastic bag litter in sight. In the bustling Darajani market where anything and everything from fresh fish to dried spices to cooking pots to prayer cap to jellabiya robe to toothpaste to batteries, not a single purchase was packed away using plastic bags. 

Apparently back in the end of 2006, the semi-autonomous government in this tiny Tanzanian island banned the use, import and production of plastic bags on the island, as the discarded plastic bags pose a serious threat to the marine environment and hurt the tourism industry. The people were encourage to use the environmental friendly raffia bags as an alternative. The campaign on banning plastic bags was relaunched in 2012, showing the determination and commitment of the government.

The semi-autonomous government in a tiny African island had the staunch political will and determination to implement a law with massively positive and far reaching impact on the environment and the future generation, back in 2006. Perhaps in we can pick up our pace in implementing more green regulations at home. I think we can do so much more than just the no-plastic-bags-Saturday in the grocery stores.
Rustically weaved basket for the heavy duty shopping in the wet market, fresh fish or sacks of beans. 
Made-in-China recycle bags are on sale everywhere.
Colorful raffia bags for all kind of household shopping or for souvenirs.

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