Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Belated Merry Christmas

There is something incredible about receiving a belated Christmas present from afar in the mail. It comes when you least expected it, such a delightful surprise! You are instantly overcome with this indescribable and incomprehensible joy. Well, it’s like Christmas morning again. You are excited to rip apart the wrappings to see what you got, and even more anxious to find out whom sent this late gift. It makes your day and all day you will have this idiotic grin on your face that simply cannot be wiped off.

Then there is this romantic notion of receiving a care package in the mail. There is someone out there cares for you very dearly and thinks about you during the festive season. Like holding a cup of hot chocolates with both hands in a snowy winter day, such wonderful feelings warm you up gently. Slowly it turns you mushy and sappy inside, like the mush mellows in the hot chocolates.

I was a super huge mushy and sappy cornball with a big fat idiotic grin last week.

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