Monday, January 29, 2007

Miss Saigon

My brother’s recent trip to Ho Chi Minh City got me into dusting off my photographs from my trip there last year and put them here. Enjoy!

Lunch Vietnamese style, rice paper noodles with beef in piping hot soup.

Roadside vendor, from noodles to fruits to cakes.

Dilapitated fishermens shed by the beach at Phu Quoc island.

Beautiful firery sunset at Phu Quoc island.

Everything can be sold in a basket on a bicycle: fruits, potatoes, brooms.


恩妮 said...

why no images appear on my screen?

Boonsky said...

Try again. :o)
Do tell me what you think of them. Cheers.

恩妮 said...

yeap....i can view all the images now.

remind me of the yummy food in Vietnam..kekeke, specially rice noodles, i like it so much.

i like the [Dilapitated fishermens shed by the beach at Phu Quoc island]. thanks for sharing