Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Good to be Back

The afternoon of Feb 01, 2007.

I dived into the pool, stretched as far and straight as I could and dolphin-kicked as many tines as I could. Relaxed, I pulled my right hand towards my thigh, lifted it out of the water into recovery and then gently sliced it into the water again, followed by the same motion with my left hand. Simultaneously I flutter kicked both my legs to propel myself forward.

With these series of fluid and smooth actions, I could have gone doing front crawl forever and ever. Gliding through the water at ease and quietly, almost gracefully like a ballerina doing her pirouette.

Well, actually, it was not exactly like that.

I was sluggish and heavy. There was no seamless motion of the strokes and no synchronization with the body movement and kicking of the legs. I was chaffing through the whole length. So I thought I was good at this. I was surprised that I could do the whole length! Nonetheless, it was absolutely amazing, beyond amazing back into the water again.

My first swim of 2007. Loved it!

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