Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Say if you were here with me today…

Say if you were here with me today…

We’d swim laps in the pool in the morning. Loser buys breakfast! I know you’ll be kicking my ass doing front crawl. But I’d like to think that I could kick yours at ‘fly.

We’d have breakfast at some coffee place. We’d sit outside, sipping coffee, eating scones, flipping newspapers and enjoying the sun.

We’d go browsing at a bookshop or/and visit a gallery. And.

We’d make bagel sandwiches and green salads for our picnic lunch in the park. We’d lay under a tree reading about Africa. I’d probably doze off later.

We’d watch a movie, some funny subtitles.

We’d head out for a run in the evening. What say you we go trail running?

We’d prepared dinner together. You’d cook spaghetti (I still remember your spaghetti from that afternoon). I’d crack open the Chianti. We’d have brownies with ice cream for dessert.

We’d put on a CD (Too bad your mixed tape was stolen along with my car). We’d sit at the balcony. We’d hold hands, finishing the remaining of the Chianti.

We’d kiss good night and hit the sack.

Only if you were here with me today.

Wish you were here with me today.

Happy Valentines Day!

p.s.: If I were there with you today, I wonder how the day would be.


Evie said...

I know this is for your special one to read. Anyway, this is the most romantic plan I ever heard for this particular day. May sound like a normal day. But hey, everyday can be the V day... =)

恩妮 said...

yes.. agreed with evie. this is the most romantic plan, and a romantic writing as well.

hope your wish come true!