Sunday, February 25, 2007

My Sunday

It has been quite awhile.

Things have been hectic in the past few months, both at work and otherwise. There were business trips, chasing deadlines and marathon meetings. Meanwhile, weekends were filled with wedding dinners and family obligations.

Though I took a detour to Bali in January while attending a wedding in Jakarta with some friends, there weren’t a lot of shut-eye time during that period. Drinking time and party time trumped shut-eye time during holidays. Last week I went home for the Lunar New Year celebration but merry making was not my top priority. I was studying! Can you believe that? I was prepping for my technical competency assessment scheduled last Friday, right after my New Year leave. How could I enjoy the festivities?

So I thought my new year would start after my Friday assessment. Not so soon. I spent my Friday night preparing my resume and strengths for a company talent sourcing exercise on Monday. Then I headed back into the office on Saturday to discuss the materials with my boss as he’ll be selling me out, no, selling me hard at the session on Monday. He better be.

So this is the first Sunday after quite a long while that I actually have it to myself, more shut-eye time and more importantly more me time. For starter, I slept until nine in the morning. No, I opened my eyes at nine, but I was lazing in the sack for another solid hour before getting up.

I had my coffee. (Oh the aroma!) I watched a bit of morning TV. (Boring!) I did my laundry. (Clean clothes!) I read the newspaper. (Though those were yesterday.) I surfed the net. (Just for fun!) I went out for my grocery run. (I have food!) I read my Men’s Health magazine (before they piling up in the room). I had a nap. (More shut-eye!) I had a haircut, spotting a short crew cut now. (Refreshing!) I picked up the clothes I sent for ironing. (Fresh clothes for Monday!) I swam, 12 laps. (Tired but totally rejuvenating!) Well, I had to get out of the pool because I saw a kid peeing straight into the pool. (Yuck!)

I’m putting this new post on my blog now. I want to go to sleep after this.

Notice all the ‘I’s?

It's my day. I do whatever I want. I write whatever I like. :)

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