Monday, February 26, 2007

Bonjour! Mi Amor...

Holding my lunch tray I scanned the place for a vacant table. I spotted a hot chic sitting alone and there was a table next to hers. I dashed towards the table, sat myself down, eating my lunch slowly and seeking the next available opportunity to strike up a conversation.

Then the phone rang. Hers. She answered. At first there were light giggles and soft utterance. It was very endearing. She was speaking in some foreign language that I could not figure out. That was very sexy and exotic. She just instantly increased her attractiveness by 26 folds. How her lips curled up as she smiled, how her face caught the light perfectly as she tilted her head speaking into the phone, how her soft hair flowed smoothly as she lightly tucked them behind her ear, how her sweet lovely voice sounded like an angel whispering in my dreams. She was, she was simply perfect.

I finally made it out that she was speaking in Hokkien (or Fujian), one of the Chinese dialects. Her mysterious charm suddenly vanished. Then, she started to talk enthusiastically, she got animated and loud as well. It was all mindless gossips. Oh, what a turn off!

Don’t we often find foreign languages attractive? French is sexy and romantic, Spanish is passionate. But how? And why? Maybe because they’re foreign, which exudes a sense of novelty and sexiness automatically. It is also interesting and mysterious, like an ancient treasure map with secret codes enticing us to discover for more. But as we discover that the treasures do not exist, the map with all the codes is quickly discarded like old newspapers.

So I sat there quietly finishing my lunch by myself.

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