Friday, October 05, 2007


I took a week off and went home to spent time wth my folks. It was a slow relaxing week. But there was something amiss. I couldn't put my finger on it.

Until I came home from office tonight...

I was dead tired, probably from my Friday workout. I had a killer yoga session over lunch. After work, I went for my Friday's run-in-the-park, logging 6k and then hit the for my hamster-run (treadmill) for another 3k. I was absolutely beat when I dragged myself into the door, even slightly dehyradrated. Yet, I felt good and elated, feeling like a million bucks, probably more!

It dawned on me that I was back in full swing of my exercise routine upon my return to the city, weekend swimming laps, weekday after work gym session, yoga on Tue and Fri, sweating in the sauna and my Friday run. No wonder I felt like on top of the world.

The last week back home were spent being a couch potato, reading, catching up on shut-eye and hanging out at the beach. Those were hardly breaking the slightest drop of sweat. Then the other major 'workout' would probably be the stuff face exercise with mom's awesome cooking. I've been lazy all last week.

No wonder I felt like crap last week. That must be it.

Man, I'm such a workout freak!

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