Friday, October 19, 2007

Silver Lining

My heart was thumping heavily and I was wheezing like a rackety old truck on a bumpy road, as I was closing in on the 5th lap of the 1.2k running track at the KLCC Park. The euphoric delusion of chasing the wind offset the excruciating pain I felt on my toes, my feet, my right ankle, my claves, my left knee and my thighs for every stride I took. My head was enjoying the heavenly lightness while my legs were burning in hell.

"One more to go. I can do it!" I told myself, panting heavily.

About 200m ahead I saw a tall Caucasian guy, at least 6'2", strolling along leisurely on the track munching an apple. Then to my utter horror I saw him tossing the apple core onto the lawn of the park. Actually he slowed down, bended his knees and bowled the apple core across the lawn with a swift powerful swing of his arm, beautiful form, precise execution.

"What the fuck! The bin is just steps ahead of him." My heart thumping faster, my breathing wheezing noisier and my blood was boiling over.

Picking up my pace, I ran towards him. It was such perfect timing and coordination that as I run beside him, the bin was in front of us. I tapped him on his arm and then pointed to the bin with simply a expressionless face. I was sucking wind so badly that I could hardly put on a stern and dismay face, let alone chiding him some. So I just continued running. He seemed to get my message though. "It's an apple core. Blah blah blah. (I did not catch this part) Have a nice day." He shouted as I dashed away.

True, it was an apple core. It's organic. It will decay on it's own. It will help the growth of the plants around. So what? So fucking what? The decay takes time, about 10 to 14 days. So for the next 10 to 14 days, that apple core would be an eye sore in the park. Now imagine if the other visitors doing the same thing, hurling banana skins or orange peels, how the park will look like and smell like. "Dude this is my running ground. I wanna run in a park, not a dump." Tossing that apple core like that is definitely not the right way of composting. That was just justifying being a lazy asshole with a bloody lame excuse.

A moment of genius came to me as I was pushing ahead running, gasping for more air. I suppose there are a lot of stupid inconsidered irresponsible people like that jackass composting in the park. Perhaps the park management can designate an area for visitors to dispose their perishable waste and then compost them properly to be used as fertilizer for the plants. It's a win-win-win situation, convenient for the lazy or green-conscious visitors, greener and cheaper approach to maintain the park, and not to mention good education for the kids (and adults) and good publicity for the park.

Ahhh... A brilliant idea came out of a not-so-brilliant circumstance. I should get in touch with the park management ASAP!

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