Monday, May 26, 2008

I'm A Retard

This is going to top my all-time most embarrassing, most stupid moment for quite awhile.

Here's how the story went...

Monday night after sweating it out in the gym, a friend kindly offered me a ride to my car. As we were walking towards the elevator to the basement for his car, a cute chick, by cute I mean pretty face and fit body, looked me in the eyes and threw me a smile. It was definitely more than a courteous friendly stranger smile. I was captivated by such a beautiful radiant smile that it totally floored me with surprise, definitely a super pleasant one. And more importantly, I also sensed a flirtatious hint behind that gorgeous smile.

Perhaps noticing my slightly flabbergasted expression, she said:"Hi! You don't remember me?"

Oh great she does know me! But for the love of God, I just couldn't remember her, where, when or how we met. Sheepishly I said:"Sorry, I can't recall."

Then the elevator arrived and we all went in.

It bugged me big time that I couldn't recall meeting such a pretty chick. I just couldn't help myself, I leaned towards her and asked:"So, you are?"

She said:"I'm S, from Company M."

Well I know an S but she's a mother of one and we do not even live in the same city. And I definitely do not know anyone from Company M. Well, I do know a couple of people there but they all have dicks and none look as hot as S. And here came the most embarassing, not to mention the most stupid thing I ever uttered:"S who?"

I know, I'm such a super retard loser idiot. Why the hell would I say that?

She said, in all awkwardness and perhaps mustering all her dignity:"I often do yoga next to you in the gym."

But which class? I do 4 yoga classes a week in the gym. I normally occupy the back row and I hardly talk to people there before, during and after class. Needless to say it still didn't ring a bell. So I said:"Oh..."

Then we stood silently. Awkardness was so expanded so quickly in that little confined space, almost suffocating and about to explode.

"Ding!" Level 2. The elevator door opened, embarrassment rushed out, and she walked out.

That was the longest ever elevator ride.

Stupid retard!

Bloody idiot!

Anyway, I'm absulotely, certainly, definitely not missing any yoga class this week.

And when I find her, I'll ask her out so we can laugh about this over coffee and maybe more...

I think she's in my Friday class. Damn it's only Monday now!

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LUaNNE said...

(seeing that this comes from me, you gotta expect some sort of sarcasm)...and to think that you hurt your wrist while doing yoga...what were you looking at if not the person next to you? well, i thought of asking you to accompany to CANON EOS Exhibition on Friday, but, do what you must do, ransack the whole fitness center for her. btw, I'm L from Company CH.