Monday, July 07, 2008


It hit me as the plane was landing at Charles De Gaulle. It's summer and the field flanking the runway was dotted with beautiful small white wild flowers. They reminded me of those pictures I took, and really like, in the Chilean Patagonia, Ottawa and even Miri. Then I found myself wandering when was the last time I shot and produced something I really happy with. Man that was so long ago! 

I think I've lost it. I no longer can take beautiful photographs. By beautiful I mean something I personally would like and be proud of. 

Perhaps I should take a few steps back, examining the reason for every click of the camera, evaluating my passion for the art of photography. Where am I heading with with this passion? What am I trying to share through the images? What are the stories the subjects in the pictures are telling me, telling us? How can I assist them best through my lens?

I took these at the park at the Eiffel Tower. Little white flowers, simple and graceful and pure, the essence of photography. Well, to me at least. 

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