Thursday, July 31, 2008


I went to the Sahara again last evening. The sand was still warm to the touch, as the sun had been merciless to them all day. The wind was picking up though, sweeping across the Sahara dunes soothingly, dissipating the heat. The mid day sun was so ferocious but the fluffy clouds in the evening softened its rays. The desert was silent but the wind was howling. The dunes seemed calm but the sand was swirling restlessly. The vast Sahara was mighty and harsh but the sand I was sinking my feet in was super fine and super soft. The land is arid but certainly not lifeless. The elements of nature at work here are extremely powerful, and may appear to be contradicting, but they are very much in complementary and often amazingly breath-taking. The sun baking the sand golden brown. The wind shaping the dunes and drawing beautiful sand wave lines.

How does one not fall in love with such delicate beauty of the nature? How does one not in awe confronted with such magnificent demonstration of the power and grace of nature? How does one not feel small in the face of such endless greatness of nature?

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Anonymous said...

Amazing view, you are so blessed.