Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Festive Ritual

I can't remember when I started this little Chinese New Year ritual of my own, that I will not open the ang pows I collected (yes, I'm still eligible to receive them) throughout the festive season until the festivities are finally officially over, which is on the 15th of the first month in the Lunar calendar.

Yesterday I finally sat down and opened them up. There weren't a lot this year, as I returned to work early and my annual biggest ang pow benefactor, my sister R was home late this year for the Chinese New Year celebration due to her husband last minute work commitment. I missed her and her family.

Then, to my surprise, I came across one big one, inside with a good 168 bucks. The number actually sounds like prosperous all the way in Cantonese.

I can't remember when dad started this Chinese New Year ritual of his, that he gives us kids ang pow. But I knew that the big one was from dad. I just knew it. He wished us kids to be prosperous all the way.

That was dad saying he loves us.

I wish you Chinese New Year was a warm and lovely celebration with families and friends.

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